Save money on cleaning supplies
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Save money on cleaning supplies

Frugal cleaning without spending a lot of cash ...

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Everyone knows how expensive cleaning supplies can be. It seems that there is a different type of cleaning agent for every crack, crevice and surface that needs to be cleaned. We spend thousands of dollars on cleaning agents that don’t always live up to our expectations and can sometimes be filled with harmful odors and ingredients. There are other less expensive options for cleaning solutions that the frugal minded can make at home.

One frugal option to an expensive all purpose surface and glass cleaner would be to mix four parts water, one part while vinegar and one part alcohol. You can use this mixture in any spray bottle and it will clean glass and almost any shiny surface with ease and for much less than what you normally would spend.

You can also make a frugal laundry stain remover from 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, 1/6 liquid dish soap and 1/6 water. This mixture works well on most typical stains like grass, ink and food.

Another frugal remedy for removing permanent marker is to apply rubbing alcohol. This works well on most surfaces including carpeting. When using it on carpeting, apply the alcohol directly to the stain, blot and repeat until it’s gone.

Remember that you don’t need to buy expensive cleaning solutions to make your home clean. Using readily available products like ammonia, vinegar, alcohol and bleach can yield the same results as if you spent hundreds of dollars on high priced cleaning solutions.

If you are looking for new ideas on keeping cleaning costs down while maintaining a clean home, visit your local library for books on cleaning tips. Sometimes, just talking to people you know about what you use to save money on cleaning supplies will prompt them to share some of their cleaning secrets as well. However, as with any chemical, remember that safety is important so always be careful when mixing different chemicals together. (don)
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