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The Rent-to-Own Trap
You see a TV set at the rent-to-own center that you like. It's a big-screen version, complete with high-definition capabilities and a remote … more
Category: Finances
How can I eliminate my debt?
For most people, the best way to reduce debt is a three-pronged program: 1. Reduce expenses. 2. Increase income. 3. Pay off each bill one by … more
Category: Finances
Which mortgage is better?
Which is better? An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), fixed rate mortage (FRM) or a hybrid of the two? Adjustable rate mortgages start out with … more
Category: Financing
Saving money on your grocery bill
Many people pass over the coupon pages of the Sunday newspaper without even giving it a thought. If you found a dollar bill … more
Category: Finances
Credit Monitoring
For people who want more than just the free copies of their credit reports, there are paid services called credit … more
Category: Financing
Credit and credit cards
You probably receive letters in the mail and see the advertisements on TV for credit card promotions: “0% Interest Rate!” “No Payments … more
Category: Financing
Beware of bad credit loans
You might think that having bad credit means that you cannot obtain a loan or that you will need to … more
Category: Financing
Payday loans
A payday loan is a fast, simple and easy way to obtain cash when you need it, right away. Maybe … more
Category: Financing
Adjustable rate mortgage
If you are buying a home for the first time, then you are wondering what type of mortgage to get. … more
Category: Financing
Fixed rate mortgage
Houses are so expensive today that it makes it difficult to commit to take the plunge and acquire a large … more
Category: Financing
Interest only mortgage
The interest only mortgage is a terrific financial tool for those of you who want to buy more home than … more
Category: Financing
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