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The Rent-to-Own Trap
You see a TV set at the rent-to-own center that you like. It's a big-screen version, complete with high-definition capabilities and a remote … more
Category: Finances
How can I eliminate my debt?
For most people, the best way to reduce debt is a three-pronged program: 1. Reduce expenses. 2. Increase income. 3. Pay off each bill one by … more
Category: Finances
Which mortgage is better?
Which is better? An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), fixed rate mortage (FRM) or a hybrid of the two? Adjustable rate mortgages start out with … more
Category: Financing
Saving money on your grocery bill
Many people pass over the coupon pages of the Sunday newspaper without even giving it a thought. If you found a dollar bill … more
Category: Finances
Credit Bureaus
There are three major, national credit bureaus that collect and maintain credit information on you. They are: Equifax Experian (formerly TRW) TransUnion The … more
Category: Financing
Debit Cards
Debit cards are basically electronic checks. They are directly linked to your checking account. Newer debit cards have the Visa … more
Category: Credit Cards
40 instant ways to save
There just isn't enough money. The electric bill can be paid, but everything else is a few weeks behind. Once … more
Category: Finances
Debit cards facts
Your bank has asked if you would like a debit card, however you are rather unfamiliar with debit cards. Take … more
Category: Credit Cards
Credit card debt
Many of us are suffering from credit card debt. Our society has become a credit driven society. Instead of saving … more
Category: Credit Cards
Reducing debt
If you are serious about getting out of debt, you need to change your spending habits. I found that the … more
Category: Finances
Homeowner loan
With the rising cost of inflation and the appreciation of property across the country, procuring a Homeowner Loan for a … more
Category: Financing
Texas home equity loans
The state of Texas, as a late arrival on the home mortgage lender scene, has more rules and regulations than … more
Category: Investing
Texas real estate laws overview
The home mortgage business sauntered into Texas in 1997 when state laws were amended to allow home equity loans. Texans, … more
Category: Investing
Mortgage cost
Your mortgage cost is going to depend on several things: the amount you borrow, the interest rate you are offered, … more
Category: Financing
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